Engineering Leaders for Service, Profession, and Brotherhood

Group Picture on Installtion Day

We are the Lambda Delta chapter of the oldest and largest co-ed professional engineering fraternity in the United States. Located at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, our chapter is 108 members strong and we embody professionalism, service, and brotherhood.

Like other Greek organizations, our fraternity offers a sense of brotherhood that allows members to grow as a person and to develop character through social events such as weekly dinners, semester retreats, and recreational sports. We stand out from the other fraternities in that we also provide members with academic support and professional skills through events such as speakers and workshops. Lastly, our fraternity gives back to the community through service projects such as environmental cleanups and volunteer efforts at events held at Pacific.

Executive Board Officers for Spring 2014
  • Regent - Owen Lincoln (Epsilon)
  • Vice Regent - Andrew Lee (Zeta)
  • Treasurer - Kevin Chan (Zeta)
  • Scribe - Breanna Nasholm (Epsilon)
  • Corresponding Secretary - Clara Lindberg (Epsilon)

Chair Positions for Spring 2014

  • Recruitment Chair - Joshua Arucan (Eta) and Chloe Umble (Delta)
  • Pledge Instructors - Elena Golfoos (Beta) and Dylan Saracco (Epsilon)
  • Service Chair - Faithe Yates (Theta)
  • Professional Development Chair - Kristena Moules (Theta)
  • Publicity Chair - Taylor Yatogo (Zeta)
  • Risk Management Chair - Kirstin Kita (Beta)
  • Fundraising Chair - RJ Dhaliwal (Theta) and Breanna Nasholm (Epsilon)
  • Webpage Chair - Victor Aw (Theta)
  • Rube Goldberg Chair -Taylor Yatogo (Zeta)
  • Recreation Sports Chair - Mark Rodriguez (Theta)
  • Brotherhood Chair - Alex Maroufkhani (Zeta)
  • Historian - Jeremy Bagnol (Beta) and Alex Walker (Theta)
  • Scholarship Chair - Clara Lindberg (Epsilon)
  • Inner Guard - Rhett Kilgore (Beta)
  • Outer Guard - Stefan Soezeri (Eta)
  • Marshall - Sean Storc (Beta)