University Committees

Every fall semester, ASuop seeks student leaders to serve on select University Committee.  These positions allow students to be represented in the university decision-making process. Contact the ASuop President if you are interested in serving on any of the following committees.  

Academic Affairs

1 Liberal Arts Major, 1 Grad Student, 1 Professional Student The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for defining curricular policies of the Stockton campus of the University. The committee reviews all curricular proposals including course numbering, credit hours and course descriptions, oversees the review of academic programs and approves new majors and degree programs.

Admissions and Financial Aid

1 student
The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee reviews and recommends policies governing admissions to the undergraduate programs of the University. The Committee reviews and recommends policies for the awarding of financial aid to undergraduate students.

Council of Teacher Education

2 students – one single subject, one multiple subject
Appointed by School of Education
The Council on Teacher Education is charged with the definition and coordination of the University's approved programs of teacher preparation and licensing. The committee recommends degree programs as they relate to the teaching credential and aids in developing and interpreting programs for teaching credentials.

Experiential Learning Oversight Committee

1 student
The committee will approve student participation and supervision guidelines established by each school or program, review of the Program Checklist and description of academic component of each type of ELO submitted by a school or program, advise the Career Resource Center on matters pertaining to experiential learning orientation and placement and facilitate the process to adjudicate conflicts that may arise concerning program guidelines and descriptions.

General Education Committee

1 student
Specific functions of this committee includes establishing criteria for General Education, curricular policies for GEs, reviewing the GE program and developing standards and policies for the Foundation Skills Requirement.

Library Committee

1 student, 1 graduate student
The Library Committee is the primary body designed to encourage and facilitate faculty utilization of and planning for the Library. The committee communicates to the University community the needs, problems, and the progress of the Library. The committee may make recommendations with regard to Library services, facilities, budget, and personnel.

Student Academic Grievance Board

3 students
The University of the Pacific establishes the Student Academic Grievance Board, which shall hear all cases relating to academic grievances for undergraduate and professional students on the Stockton campus of the University.

Athletics Advisory Board

1 student
The Board advises the President concerning the conduct of the athletics program under the policies of the University and acts as a hearing committee for the Director of Athletics.
The Board evaluates and monitors the NCAA rules education and compliance programs of the athletics program.

Information Strategy & Policy Committee

1 student
The Information Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC) is the primary body to advise the President on the strategic use of information. The committee works collaboratively with various administrative and faculty groups to facilitate the effective and efficient use of information in support of the University’s mission and priorities.

Promotions and Tenure Committee

1 student
The Promotions and Tenure Committee (the Committee) is responsible for rendering recommendations to the Provost and to the President concerning cases of individual promotion and tenure.

Academic Facilities Improvement Committee

1 student
The Committee recommends priorities for funding improvements of academic facilities and reviews requests for improvements valued at over $1000. The Committee submits is recommendations to the Registrar for action. The Committee maintains ongoing consultation with the University Facilities and the Office of the Provost. The Committee meets at least quarterly.

Commencement Speakers Committee

4 students: 2 sophomores, 2 juniors [2 year term]
The Commencement Speaker Committee assists the President in selecting speakers 2 years in advance.

Academic Regulations

2-4 students
University committee to handle academic regulation requests including residence requirements, multiple degree requests, transfer credit limits and other issues not handled by specific schools. The committeee also handles appeals of academic matters rendered by specific schools including student study programs, add/drop request, degree requirements and more.

Judicial Review Board/Hearing Officers 

9 students
The purpose of Judicial Review Boards and Hearing Officers is to adjudicate alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code."Adjudicate" means to determine whether or not, a student has violated a provision of the Student Conduct Code and, if so, to impose sanction.

Student Activity Advisory Board

4 students
The Student Activity Advisory Board is charged with establishing policies and determining budget allocations for the operation of the McCaffrey Center.

University Facilities Committee

1 student
It is the charge of the Facilities Committee to oversee the physical assets of the University used and useful in the delivery and support of the institution’s mission and purpose. Committee responsibilities includes overseeing the development and maintenance of campus grounds and buildings on the three major campuses of the University and other University-owned facilities used in pursuit of its mission.

Student Media Board

3 students
The Stockton Campus Student Media Board is the governing body for all undergraduate student media affiliated with the University of the Pacific, ensuring that all media organizations receive the proper institutional support and adopt the best practices in their operations.
The Board is responsible for annual appointment, training, evaluation and, if necessary, the removal of the chief student officers and advisors to each student medium at Pacific.