Sustainability has become a ‘buzz’ word; it gets used all of the time, but what does it really mean? Many people associate sustainability with ‘going green’ and ‘saving the Earth’, but these are both still vague and somewhat intimidating. Our simple definition is: living in a manner that can be continued for many generations to come. This means using resources at the same rate or less than they can be replenished. For example, if you make $100 per month you can’t spend more than $100 per month. Sustainability can be broken down into three main components: environmental, social, and financial. When these three components are balanced and can be maintained long term, that is sustainability.

ASuop and Sustainability:

ASuop is extremely committed to sustainability. As an organization, we are committed to increasing sustainability awareness on campus. ASuop and A&E have implemented strategic programs to increase
and encourage the use of reusable water bottles, hand towels, and coffee mugs.

Six ways you can be more Sustainable at Pacific:

ONE: Go dark: turn off the lights when you leave the room and open blinds when the sun is out.

TWO: Buy and use the ECO Trays in UC marketplace. Don’t pay 25 cents per to-go container at the UC or the Lair. (Reusable Green trays are sold for a one-time cost of $5.00 and are cleaned for you at the UC in the center by the sandwich an pastries section!)

THREE: Use a reusable bag when shopping at the grove and the bookstore. Don't pay 25 cents per plastic bag at the grove. Sustainable bags are sold for $4 at the grove.

FOUR: Bring all of your electronic waste to the mailroom while its open. Physical plant will either take it to recycling or dispose of it properly. Yes, this does include toxic waste such as batteries! If you have a large electronic item, please call mailroom the day before drop off to give notice. (Please see the mailroom website for hours of operation and contact information

FIVE: When you need that extra boost of energy choose fair trade coffee and teas.

SIX: Get Creative: Recycle Reuse and Reduce!