Professional Staff


Jennifer Low (Jlow)

JLow is the Associate Director for Student Life Events in the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement. She oversees the Student Government as well as the Arts & Entertainment programming board. If you're looking to collaborate with ASuop or make programming recommendations, this is your girl!

Arlene Brown

Arlene oversees the facilities and operations of the DeRosa University Center as well as supervises the Graphic Design department of ASuop and the Prowl TV team. Additionally, she oversees the social media presence for the Division of Student Life. If you're looking for ways to get the word out to students about your program or services, contact Arlene.


Now hiring a full time professional! If interested please go to to learn more about this opportunity.

Leslie Rudbeck

Leslie Rudbeck works with students and departments in scheduling facilities for non-academic programs. Additionally, she provides support to the Student Activities Center where she works with students leaders to start clubs, renew an organization, get funding, or simply help navigating campus services. If you're looking for a room or maybe a club where you can connect with other students of a similar interest, call Leslie.

Karen Bravo

Karen works closely with the ASuop Treasurer to ensure all registered student organizations receive their funding allocations. Additionally, Karen processes all necessary reimbursements and manages all financial transactions on behalf of ASuop.

Jason Fitzer

Jason Fitzer oversees the ASuop Arts and Entertainment team and the Janet Leigh Theater. If you are looking to host an event in the theater or collaborate with the A&E team, contact Jason for more information!