ASuop offers a variety of funding for student clubs and organizations and is based on usage within the Academic Year.  Most funding requests are based on first come first serve or are deadline based. 

Annually Funded Groups are larger, umbrella organizations who have been approved by ASuop senate as "Annually Funded" e.g. Rec Sports or College of the Pacific.

Semi-Annually Funded Groups consist of the majority of student organizations on campus and must apply for funding at the end of each semester e.g. Circle K or Rotaract Club.

Contingency Funds are the "rainy day" funds set aside for newly formed semi-annual organizations or additional requests mid-semester.

Conference Funds are reserved for students who seek financial assistance in the expenses associated with travel and registration of professional development events held off campus.  

Reserve Requests are to be used as contingency for annually funded organizations.

Want to request funding?  

Check out funding for forms, samples, and funding policies.  

Have a question or concern about the treasury?  

Contact the ASuop Treasurer, Rosa Muñoz at