Bills & Resolutions

Part of what makes ASuop Senate such a useful entity for students is the Senate's ability to pass legislation in the form of bills and resolutions.  These bills and resolutions can address or resolve issues and problems that better student life on campus for individuals, as well as clubs and organizations.  

The ASuop Constitution defines legislations as:

[Excerpt from ARTICLE VII - Legislation: Section 1]

"Legislation shall be defined as laws, rules and regulations having the force of authority by virtue of their presentation and passage by an official organ of the Associated Students. The Senate's legislation shall be designated as a:

A.  Senate Bill, signified "SB," a draft of proposed law, rule agreement [or amendment], policy or regulation for approval to the Senate.

B.  Senate Resolution, signified "SR," a formal expression of intent, opinion, or will, put before and adopted by the Senate."

Below is legislation that has been approved by Senate:

2011 - 2012

SB: 11-12:07
Baun Fitness Summer Fee Waived for T.J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Students

Sponsors: Alan Hensley, Senator-at-Large of Athletics; Antoinette Dinh, Pharmacy Senator

Purpose: To include Baun Fitness membership for students enrolled in the T.J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences during their spring trimester in their total fees

SR:11-12: 06
Required Feedback from Conference Funding.

Sponsor(s): School of International Studies Senator, MArvin Morazan
Purpose: To require that a student or group of students receiving conference funding be required to provide a public and open forum to present their conference experience in a public and open manner.

SB: 11-12:04
Greek Life Senator Resolution

Sponsors: Alan Hensley, Senator-at-Large of Athletics, and
Elena Goldfoos, Senator-at-Large of Resident Life.

Purpose: To implement a seated position within ASuop senate representative of the Greek Life community. 

SR: 11-12: 03
Split the term for the School Of International Studies and Graduate Students’ Senator.

Sponsor(s): School of International Studies Senator, Marvin Morazan

Purpose: Allow the ASuop Senator of International Studies and the Graduate Students Senator to run for either a full academic year or be required to run with a partner, one for each semester.

Senate Resolution 11-12 : 02
A Resolution to Address the Fiscal Year 2013 Tuition Increase

Introduced by Stephen Seely, Senator at Large and Shelby Hogan, Senator of the College of the Pacific.

Purpose: To address the financial implications the 2013 Tuition Increase will have on students and to express that ASuop does not support the Tuition Increase if financial aid does not increase at a proportional amount.