Club Funding

Annual funding

Annual funding is distributed to groups who provide valuable campus wide services. The Annual Budget Allocation process is a process of allocating funds towards annually funded groups for the upcoming school year. The process takes place at the end of each school year. These groups include:

  • ASuop Office Operations
  • ASuop Government Service
  • ASuop Arts & Entertainment (A&E)
  • ASuop Design and Marketing
  • Center for Community Involvement (CCI)
  • Diversity Funding Committee (DFC)
  • Event Funding Board (EFB)
  • Interfaith Council (IFC)
  • Media Board
  • Rec Sports
  • Sports Club Council (SCC)
  • United Cultural Council (UCC)
  • Women’s History Month (WHM)
  • ASuop Constituent Groups (ie. student government within each academic school)

The ASuop Treasurer will send out email notifications through OrgSync with specific instructions and deadlines. The process is outlined in the Funding Process section.

Semi-Annual funding

The Event Funding Board is responsible for allocating Semi-Annual funds
to semester-funded student organizations (the Event Funding Board is an annually funded group composed of the ASuop Treasurer, Senator Pro-Tempore and three senators from Senate). The Semi-Annual Budget is split into three types of funding: Semi-annual, Contingency, and Conference Funding. Semi-annual and Contingency Funding are both reserved for semi-annual groups, meaning registered student clubs and organizations.

Semi-Annual budget requests are due at the end of October for spring semester budgets and the end of March for the fall semester budgets. The ASuop Treasurer will send out email notifications through OrgSync with specific instructions and deadlines.

Contingency funding

In addition to distributing Semi-Annual funding, the Event Funding Board sets aside money each semester to create a Contingency Fund. Clubs and organizations may request additional funding for events during the semester even though they already participated in the semi-annual funding process, however they are not able to request for the same line items that they received funding for already. The requests will be heard on a case-by-case and first-come, first-served basis. New registered student organizations who were formed after Semi-Annual funding was dispersed are encouraged to submit requests for Contingency funding.

Budget requests for Contingency funding may be submitted at any time and hearings will be done on a first-come, first-served basis at the start of each semester. 

Conference funding

From the Semi-Annual funding allocation, there is money set aside to fund students and student organizations who are interested in experiential learning (going abroad, attending professional meetings or conferences), this type of funding is called Conference Funding. A Conference funding request may be turned in at any time, but hearings and funding will be held on a first- come, first-served basis. Conference Funding is on a reimbursement basis, which means the student(s) must pay out of pocket, unless an arrangement is set up with the Business Manager. Students may receive up to 75% of the award. Please keep in mind other sources of funding because ASuop cannot guarantee all requests will be funded.

Funding Process

All types of funding requests have a funding hearing associated with the request. The funding hearing is a requirement to receive funding from ASuop. Each hearing is 10 minutes long: 3 minutes for the presenters to explain their request, and 7 minutes of questions and answers on behalf of the funding board. Only 3 presenters are allowed to speak and present during the hearing, but more representatives are welcome to sit in on the hearing.

If any requestors fail to show up at their chosen hearing date and time, their request is subject to the funding board’s discretion to be considered for minimal allocation. 

Download our Money Management Book for more details.