Event Registration

All social events and meetings must be registered and approved prior to the event being held, regardless of the location of the event. The following policies apply to all social events regardless of location or host of the event, including, but not limited, to apartment communities, Social and Professional Greek organizations, student organizations, and individuals. Social events may not be held, registered, or approved in the traditional residence halls. Student Leadership and Involvement or Residential Life and Housing (referred to as approving department) must coordinate scheduling and approve all student-sponsored social events. Contact the appropriate office to obtain registration forms, a list of available on-campus locations, and to request approval. The University may modify any restriction in this policy and/or impose additional restrictions on any event. Failure or refusal to follow the guidelines for registering and hosting an event will result in denial of the request and possible student conduct action. 

Event Registration Check List:

1. Check EMS for venue availability

2. Submit a request for space with the Student Activities Center

3. Complete Event Registration Form

4. Schedule a meeting with SAC staff to discuss event logistics

5. Come prepared to your event meeting with all details of your event (attendance, table/chair needs, accessibility needs, A/V needs etc)

6. Upon approval of your event submit a request for design services to promote your event.

7. Host an AWESOME event!

8. Complete a post event evaluation. This will emailed to you after your event.